Boiler Treatment

Steam boiler analysis

The control of steam boiler water chemistry is vital. 

A slight issue with the boiler feedwater will be multiplied many times within the boiler and can lead to serious issues and loss of efficiency. More importantly, a poorly treated boiler can become exceptionally hazardous with cases of boiler explosions being documented. 

Waterman Compliance Services can assist with all stages of your steam plant protection from pre-treatment equipment, boiler water chemical treatment, steam line protection, ongoing analysis and an ongoing interpretation of results. 

We can offer a range of treatment options based on your system design and use of steam. 

Call us today to arrange a visit from one of our service consultants to survey your systems. 

Boiler treatment key points

  • A full range of alkalinity builders, oxygen scavengers, sludge conditioners, steam line protection and phosphate control. 
  • Ability to advise, install and service all aspects of pre-treatment equipment such as water Softeners and RO units. 
  • Ability to advise, install and service all aspects of automatic chemical dosing systems. 
  • We will work with you to increase efficiency and look at all energy saving options.