Vexo International


Vexo was established with one objective in mind:

To produce innovative exceptionally high quality water treatment products to fit the various needs within the domestic heating & renewable energy markets.

We recognised that you the homeowner were not being served by the established industry water treatment product providers. In actual fact, our market research determined that over 40% of people polled were not even aware of what water treatment was and the benefits to them financially and to the long term efficiency of their Central Heating system. This was the catalyst for us to develop water treatment products that you could use simply in a matter of minutes without any prior knowledge of plumbing. Today, Vexo already hold a green patent for our Vexo radiator dosing valve, and we are the only company to produce a premier Central Heating Inhibitor with a revolutionary super concentrate formula which is only 250ml. Richard Cowley & Darren Wilkinson the founders and co-inventors of the Vexo Valve & X-PO10 our premier Central Heating Inhibitor have a wealth of knowledge and experience in mechanical and water treatment fields. Their technical experience within the industry provides them with knowledge and ability to produce innovative high performance products for you the home owner. All of our products in the XP-O range provide peace of mind and are designed to reduce energy consumption, saving you money as well as extending the life and increasing the efficiency of your Boiler and Central Heating system. Our team is uniquely made up from years of experience in engineering, chemistry, design as well as client services. It is this team and Vexo’s passion for finding solutions for the homeowner which drives us to continually reinvest in research and development. British designed the Vexo Valve & XP-O range of water treatment products are unique and are best in class. We believe XPO10 to be best Central Heating inhibitor on the market today. However, we are not complacent and are committed to developing new and innovative products for you the homeowner.